Super Foods for Super Kids: Learn about the foods that look like and benefit human body parts by Joy K Hale

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Be good to yourself and make you the best you that you can be through positive mental talk!

What we say to ourselves about our body, mind or abilities can set you on a track of achieving or on a track to defeat. ...
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Woof Your Way to Well-Being

Dogs can be a source of de-stressing and relaxation. The company of a furry companion is invaluable. Why can a simple task like walking, petting, ...
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Animal-Assisted Therapy

What Is Animal-Assisted Therapy? Animal-assisted therapy is a therapeutic intervention that incorporates animals, such as horses, dogs, cats, pigs, and birds, into the treatment plan. It is ...
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Get a Head Start: A Back-to-School Checklist

Easy steps that parents and ADHD children can follow now — before classes begin — to ensure a stress-free start of the school year. Review ...
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The Secret to No-Nag, Never-Late Mornings

Learn from this mom, who invented a morning routine with this beautiful result: “My morning nagging immediately decreased by 80 to 90 percent. Both of ...
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Fun Fact

The Brain operates on the same amount of power as a 10 watt light bulb.
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Emotions That Humble & Feed Parent’s of Children with ADD/ADHD

Pride (and Frustration and Heartbreak) — In the Name of Love ADHD brings with it extreme emotions. We see this in our children when they ...
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[Self-Test] Could Your Child Have an Executive Function Deficit?

Up to 90% of kids with ADHD/ADD also have executive function challenges. Take this symptom self-test by clicking this link, to find out whether your child might be ...
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